Friday, June 21st - Enemigo Tequila Tasting!

Move over Patron and Casamigos, a new luxury tequila is here to take over the game.  In less than two years, Enemigo has made a strong name for itself winning numerous global awards.  Best enjoyed sipped rather than shot, Enemigo Anejo Cristalino and Extra Anejo are quality focused tequilas that will impress all tequila drinkers! 

Tasting: Friday, June 21st 4-7pm

Enemigo 89 Anejo Cristalino - $62.99

Named after the 89 iterations it took to perfect the tequila, Enemgio 89 Anejo Cristalino is smooth, rich, and complex.  Aged traditionally for over a year in new American oak barrels, you may wonder why this Anejo is clear.  After aging, the liquid is put through a filtration process purifying the tequila, stripping the color, but keeping all the flavors.  Incredibly smooth and easy drinking, notes of honeyed agave, vanilla, and coconut lead to a clean finish.

Flawless from inception, Enemigo 00 Extra Anejo is aged for 3 years in new American oak barrels. Sweet vanilla, honey, and charred oak aromas lead into a silky smooth and balanced tequila of complexity and richness.  Best enjoyed sipped on from a long-stemmed Champagne flute.