Kentucky Bourbon with a Japanese Twist!

East meets west in the form of Legent, a collaborative bourbon between Jim Beam’s master distiller, Fred Noe, and Suntory Whisky’s chief blender, Shinju Fukuyo.  A melding of the two vastly different worlds of whiskey production, Legent starts under the care of Noe as a Kentucky bourbon and matured in oak barrels with portions of the bourbon finishing up aging in either California red wine casks or sherry casks.  Once fully aged, the reigns are handed over to Fukuyo who uses his expertise to blend the perfect profile the partners envisioned from the start.

(Photo source: Legent Bourbon)

Legent 94 Proof Bourbon - $35.99 


Legent opens with aromas of almond, dried fruit, and spice into a rich, warm, and oaky palate typical of Kentucky bourbon with great balance, complex layers, and a long finish common to Japanese whisky.  For only $35.99, this is an easy buy for bourbon drinkers who don't want to miss out on any innovative new releases. 

"Legent is really something special. As a bourbon distiller, I enjoy breaking rules and creating new traditions.  It was a real honor collaborating with Shinji on what I think is different from anything out there in the bourbon world." - Fred Noe