Widow Jane The Vaults 15 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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"Widow Jane: the Vaults is a limited release of our rarest & oldest bourbons. Hand selected from our rick house, we’re quite excited to release our most hedonistic bourbon to date. This release is a blend of 14 year old & older bourbon whiskeys. The whiskey was finished in unique American Oak casks coopered with 8 year old air seasoned wood (instead of the standard 1-2 years) to develop the one-of-a-kind flavor profile influenced by each season, creating a rich & distinguished whiskey.


According to President & Head Distiller Lisa Wicker, "When new wood been carefully cured for an extraordinary eight years, absolutely nothing green or tannic is left. Instead, aromatic campfire from the char, vanilla, pecan, leather and sweet tobacco are brought forward to enhance similar notes already present in the whiskey."


On the nose, there is broken in leather, sassafras, birch beer, and wintergreen. The palate has notes of tobacco, vanilla, lemon, brown sugar, cocoa powder, and mint. The finish is long with notes of cherry, nutmeg, honey and vanilla."


Producer's Notes

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