StillTheOne Distillery Westchester No. 914 Bourbon

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"It just so happened that one memorable evening, while relaxing and going over a book of unique beer recipes, we came across an old style pilsner recipe utilizing corn as an adjunct to malted barley. Now, using corn in beer is no revelation, but this unique recipe surprisingly specified degermed corn (i.e. without the oily endo sperm, aka corn meal). We blended NY corn with NY wheat and immediately knew we had something special upon the first taste. It was sweet, floral and soft in taste and after aging in a new American oak barrel it developed into a rich, flavorful spirit with hints of honey, vanilla, and burnt orange.
How did we come up with the name you ask? We wanted you to know the birth place of our product and set a home for our delicious bourbon. So here we are, presenting to you our best bourbon yet, named 914 for the Westchester area code, by our partner Albert Savarese. Cheers!"
Producer's Notes

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