Virginia Distillery Company Chardonnay Cask Finished Virginia Highland Whisky

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"Virginia-Highland Whisky is a culmination of Old World and New World whisky making, showcasing 100% malted barley whisky made on-site in Virginia married with whisky from Scotland.
Chardonnay Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky is the newest whisky in our Commonwealth Collection. Our first Chardonnay Cask Finished Virginia Highland-Whisky is finished in casks coming from Grace Estate Winery, Michael Shaps Virginia Wineworks and Paradise Springs Winery.
Each partner barrel brings nuance and complexity to the whisky, with notes of honeysuckle, green apple, lemon and caramel on the nose. Hints of pear and toasted pecans add intrigue on the palate, finishing with a soft vanilla creaminess.
Enjoy neat, with a cube or a splash of water."
- Distillery Notes

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