2017 Lucinda & Millie Organic North Coast Chardonnay

California | Chardonnay
"Lucinda & Millie happily coexist on their vineyard farm in California's beautiful Mendocino County. These animals, along with their vines, thrive in these surroundings where tradition and natural practices bring balance and a healthy lifestyle. This wine is crisp with citrus and orchard fruit flavors, reminiscent of a walk through their fields."
- Producer's Notes
Certified Organic
"We are dedicated to making delicious wines created in an atmosphere where tradition and natural methods bring balance and a healthy lifestyle. This means our vineyards are free from the use of chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers. Natural practices are used to keep our vines healthy and life in and around our vineyards natural. That means we have a lot of “chirping, buzzing, clucking and baaing”!"

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