Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 200mL

Blended Scotch |
"Stunningly golden in the glass, with aromas of dried apricot, nectarine, elderflower, and heather honey. The palate strikes a perfect balance between luscious stone fruit, sweet honey, and airy smokiness that adds depth and finesse. An everlasting finish ensues."
94 PointsExcellent, Highly RecommendedUltimate Beverage Challenge
"Complex, elegant textures from the get-go; woodsmoke from a bonfire of green twigs, ashy peat embers, grain stores, vanilla cream, and honey drizzled over baked apples. Golden syrup flapjacks, vanilla fudge, candied apricot, orange peel, Quaker oats, gingerbread, pepper, and a catch of smoke that bridges into the finish, where hints of citrus and golden honeyed grains are found. Classical allure, but eminently accessible."
91 PointsWhisky Advocate

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