2015 Leo Family Red

Long Island | Red Blend
"There are many ways to look at life. We choose to take a hands-on approach. Leo Family is our honest effort to create a wine good enough - rich enough, complex enough, subtle enough - to make today a better place to be. Leo Family red is made from a combination of the North Fork's finest grape varieties, which we shoot thin, hand position, leaf pull and then cluster thin to concentrate flavors before carefully hand harvesting just as ripeness peaks at the far end of October. 
Far more than twenty years we've been tending grapes and making wine on the East End, focusing on sustainable, hands-on, attentive wine growing. Only in the best years do we bottle and label the wine Leo Family. When facing the tedious, at times merciless daily grinds we invite you to look forward to something a little better... and hope you enjoy every sip."
Producer's Notes

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