Metaxa Ouzo

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The Metaxa distillery was founded in Piraeus (Athens, Greece) in 1888. In the early 1900s, like other distilleries of the time, the Metaxa distillery used to produce a wide range of alcoholic drinks. Among them, the most renowned Greek anise-based aperitif: Ouzo.


Ouzo by Metaxa is a tribute to the House's Greek heritage and is based on the original recipe of that time, which includes six different aromatic seeds of the Mediterranean basin including the rare mastic of Chios island.Mastic is a precious resin from the Mastic tree that can only be found on the island of Chios; it grants Ouzo by Metaxa a unique flavor and texture.


Ouzo by Metaxa is best enjoyed on ice, with water and perfectly complements Mediterranean fingerfood.

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