Old Rip Van Winkle 'Van Winkle Special Reserve Lot B' 12 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon | Kentucky Straight Bourbon
This Kentucky Bourbon can stand up to any Cognac as an after-dinner drink. The overall character is rich, deep, elegant and balanced. This sweet, full-bodied spirit has been described by some as “nectar,” and is the perfect combination of age and proof. Its twelve years of aging in charred, new American oak barrels and bottling at 90.4 proof seem to be just right in creating a very pleasant dram.
Sip it neat, or add a little water or ice and watch it evolve.


See a brilliant, amber-orange color. Smell luscious, complex toffee. Taste a round, supple entry, leading to a dry, expansive, medium body. Enjoy notes of caramel, nuts, and brown spices with a lengthy, enveloping finish. It’s an outrageously smooth and decadent bourbon.

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